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Tell others what you like about the bases where you've lived. Where are the best places to live? What are some of the things to do there? How is the weather? Are the people friendly? How are the schools? Is there affordable housing off-base? Give other families information that will help them decide where they can move next!

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Fort Lewis/Mccord

Fort Lewis

here is a book hahaha but hopefully this is helpful! First off let me tell you i was born and raised in texas, so i was always in the sun. Washington is, i kid you not, a rainforest. For awhile i thought it was cool, but after awhile it does get to you, its alwayyyyys cloudy and 90% of the time raining, but its an annoying rain, just mist and always wet. it rains 300 days out of the year, but those other 60 days in summer are really nice! My husband deployed a few months ago and i moved back home in the meantime, i couldnt wait to get out. but i find myself missing wa, the almost 2 yrs i was there i saw a total of probably 5 spiders, i love that! no bugs. now onto the cities, DO NOT live in tacoma, i just think of it as dirty, me and my husband made the decision to live in tumwater which is south of olympia, tho he had a 20-30 min drive it was worth it, the town is nice, not very many military and not ghetto (tacoma is ghetto). also ive heard good things about lacey dupont and have a few friends in puyallup. if i could have my choice it would be between dupont and tumwater, dupont is within 5 miles from like 3 gates. newer construction, a lil pricey and hardly any openings A LOT of other military families. and tumwater has a brand new walmart next to a costco, fred meyers, alberstons, and walgreens. 3 starbucks and 3 subways, but still a small town, i lived at Tabula Rasa, its worth the money, its gated and EXTREMELY nice but it ate all our BAH, but i worked less than 1 mile away and could do all my shopping there, and olympia is just 10 mins away with mall food and movies. Now to the base, main base is cute like old college harvardish but very date as far as im concerned, but i dont EVER go on base, but north fort is great new barracks that are AMAZING. but i hear bad things about traffic on base. and traffic on I5. these ppl here are stupid and cant drive they think its okay to drive 50-55 in the fast lane!! steer clear of the base early morning lunch time and the end of the work day. ENTERTAINMENT, tacoma has some great bars, ive only gone once but love love love the dueling piano bar! oh and they dont have any of my favorite places to eat. no sonic, cicis pizza, chilis, chicfila, whataburger(if your from the south!), they finally got a buffalo wild wings, and chipotle in olympia mall, but if you love burgers go to RED ROBIN and if you love italian pls pls pls go to pellegrinos in tumwater, BEST PLACE EVER! the ppl there are okay a lot of hippy liberal vegan hobos, even in my small town there were a lot of ppl on the corners asking for money, the only car you see on the road is a prius (GAG!) DO NOTTTTTTTT go to any place that says 1$ chinese food, NO oh and most of the population hate us, the liberals and the asians, there are certain places my husband wouldnt allow me to go to bc some asians are so bad. but if you love outdoor stuff, hiking biking canoeing and such this is a great place. i have plenty of pros and cons about this place, im more against the state and ppl rather than the base

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