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No to Schofield

Schofield Barracks, Hawaii

We have lived in Schofield Barracks for three years now and HATE IT. We are getting ready to PCS here pretty soon and I can\'t wait. When I first heard we were going to Hawaii, I was super excited as I had never been here but it gets There\'s not a lot to do here except hit the beach and you can only do that so many times before it gets boring. This post is completely disorganized and chaotic and the FRG just blows big time. They never let you know anything nor do they pass any information along. When my husband came home from his year long deployment from Afghanistan, I wasn\'t even informed of what body he was on or what time his flight would be in. I had to find out from a neighbor! This is a no fault state and people will think nothing of hitting your car and taking off without so much as a note (it happened to us THREE times within a six month time period while our car was parked). The drivers are awful and everybody crawls. The commissary is never stocked and always so busy. Be willing to take a drive to the NEX in Pearl Harbor; it\'s wonderful and always fully stocked..although it\'s usually pretty busy. The people who run housing a rude and sooo slow to get anything done. This is just a personal opinion but to me, Hawaii is TOO laid back; everybody wears nothing but Hawaiian shirts, shorts and flip flops; even to church. Hawaii is about 25 years behind the mainland and everything is dirty, old and slow. If you want to live like you\'re 85 then this is the place for you LOL..otherwise; look elsewhere.

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