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Altus AFB

Altus AFB, OK

Altus AFB is a small base located in Altus, OK. Many people give Altus AFB a bad review but I was there for 5 years and I enjoyed it. If you are a big city person, Altus is not for you. As a first duty assignment, its a blessing and a curse because its size and mission serve as a good training base to get used to the AF way of life but those reasons also hinder a member's experience because its "not a real AF base", a phrase I heard numerous times during my tour there. The BX and Commissary are small but serve their purposes. The town is very military-friendly but mostly Mom & Pop shops. The nearest mall is 45 mins away in Lawton, OK. Altus is a great place to raise a family. The weather is always changing. Its usually always windy with the summers reaching triple digits and the winters dropping into the 20s or lower. At the first sign of snow, the base usually closes. The only negative thing I can say of Altus AFB is that the base housing is not the greatest. The new housing was built very quickly so some structural problems are common. The older housing is very old. I moved three times while stationed there. The first house was being torn down to build a new one and the second house had a carbonmonoxide leak which later led to the house being deemed "uninhabitable", so I was forced to move again. Despite the housing issues, I would definitely return to Altus if given the chance.

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