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El Paso - Part 2

El Paso - Part 2

Trying to get a medical appointment at any facility is easier by calling the Tel-A-Nurse and basically making your symptoms worse than they really are guaranteed an appointment within a week or that night during their after hours clinic which is extremely full. I've been able to go anywhere and get a job until I came here. I don't speak Spanish yet I'm Mexican/German. But I don't speak German either. The only place I've been able to find a job is at our commissary which is run by very poor management, "corruption" (not my word), abuse of authority, and alot of favoritism. All of which creates an extremely hositle work environment and a lot of stress for the employees and the customers. Many of the employees from other military bases have states that this is the worst commissary they've ever worked in. It is apparent with what I have gone through and from what many other employees have experienced, that DeCA doesn't hear our voices and apparently chooses not to do anything about it. And with my bachelor's degree, I can't wait to get the hell out of "Hell Paso" as some call it, or "El Piso". The only joy I have found here other than my immediate family is the Army community and the huge amount of support from FRG's, AER, ACS, NCO Wives Club and thank god for the Youth Services Programs. ---- Continued in part 3 ----

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