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Volkel AFB, Netherlands

Volkel AFB, Netherlands

We had high hopes for this base, however they have proved too lofty. This is actually a Dutch base, not an American one, so we dont have a normal BX, a commisary, or any services other than a few thrown together moral boosters. It is an hour and a half drive to a nearby Army base, which is where we have to go for nearly everything. We get paid in dollars of course, but because we are so far from military stores, we have to shop locally so that means using Euros, and right now the converstion is not kind to us at all. We were hoping out time overseas would finacially benefit us, but because we do not have things like a commisary on base, or an airmans attic, or thrift store...savings are hard to come by. Most people drive to the commisary once a month and freeze milk just to get by until they can take the drive again. This is a small community so everyone knows everyone elses business. When there is a good group of people here it is great, but it only takes one to spoil it. One good point, the Netherlands is an amazingly beautiful country, and it is a great jumping off place travel wise. However, in my opinion, if you are going to do an overseas tour, start with a populated normal base. Oh one more thing, if you homeschool you will make out finacially. THey will actually pay for your homeschool materials...up to 5600 a year I beleive. That is because there is no DOD school. If your kids go to school, they have to go to an International school which is an hour bus ride everyday.

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