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Tell others what you like about the bases where you've lived. Where are the best places to live? What are some of the things to do there? How is the weather? Are the people friendly? How are the schools? Is there affordable housing off-base? Give other families information that will help them decide where they can move next!

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Fort Bliss,Polk, Jackson, NSA-MidSouth and Wuerzburg, Germany

Right now we are living in El Paso. At times, I feel like Im living in Mexico. As far as finding a job,most jobs you have to be bilingual. Right now not feeling this place. If your latino, or of hispanic descent this would be the ideal place for you. Windy, windy, windy sometimes sandstorms occur. Would suggest if you have allergies, please cover your face with a mask because the sand will whoop you, lol. Fort Bliss, is a big base. They have Freedom Crossing, it will be very nice once they are done with the construction. East Bliss is the other side of the base. That part of the base is really nice. Weather is nice and dry with little humidity,if you have dry skin,make sure you keep it hydrated, right now I have dry eyes. When it rains please you call that rain. Where Im from when it rains, it pours. This place is mexican,mexican to the core. Of course, Juarez, Mexico is not far from this bordertown. Central Appointments make sure you call in the morning @6:45am to make an appointment, if not you would never be seen. Never been on a base, when you call and cant get an appointment unless you called early in the morning. Im already counting down and been here for almost three months. Before moving to Bliss, we lived on a naval base in Millington, Tn located ten miles from Memphis,Tn. Loved it there, as soon as we moved there we had a house on base. The Nex and Commissary is very small. Base is very small, compared to Army Bases. If you love Elvis Presley, you could go to Memphis to visit Graceland. For those that have children, I prefer Shelby County Schools over Memphis City schools. Before Moving to Millington, we were stationed at Fort Jackson, SC. I miss South Carolina. The base is an okay size. My hubby did Basic Training at Jackson back in 1997. I loved my son school, he attended Pierce Terrace on the base. Oh yea, they have a nice base swimming park that most kids enjoyed. Lets not forget Carowinds. Nice theme park located on the North Carolina-South Carolina border. Hoping, we could go back to South Cakalaki. Before Jackson, we were stationed in Germany. Germany was ok, Im a southern girl did not like the snow. The water is hard, so if you have dry skin, this would exacerbate your condition. We had some nice dishes, before we left Germany dishes was thrown away because of the hard water deposit stains on your dishes. If you are into fine wine and beer you would love Germany. Unfortunately, the base Wuerzburg has closed down. Have no desire to go back to Germany. What I liked about Germany, unlike the States this is a clean country. Well, the older Germans do not bathe, whewwwww if you happen to get close to one hold your breath. Younger Germans are more Americanized. Before Germany, we were stationed at Fort Polk,La located in Leesville,La. This place is out in the middle of no where. DeRidder is pretty nice, there is a church on every corner in this lil town. The closest shopping mall is in Alexandria which is 45 minutes away. Some people would rather go to Lake Charles to shop. Polk, is a very quiet secluded place. What I liked about Polk, we were only four hours away from home. Besides I did feel like an outsider my relatives are from New Orleans/Westbank. Its not that bad. Only thing I would suggest to the women is to keep your circle of friends small. If you do not tell your business, then that person would have nothing to talk about. Just keep it 100. Love being a Proud Army Wife. One place that I would love to go after leaving El Paso, is Redstone Arsenal, Alabama.

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