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Fort Campbell, KY

Fort Campbell, KY

I was reading some of the comments regarding Fort Campbell, KY. Some of the comments that were posted are true to some point. We are residing at Fort Campbell, KY for almost 4 years, and before PCS’ing made the choice of residing off Post. Yes, it is a little more expensive because utilities such as electric and water is not included with your rent, but as I say – if you know how to economize and budget, then you’ll be okay. Fort Campbell base itself has been through many renovations since being here. A new and bigger Commissary is in the works. The things that suck are that the prices always seem to go up a couple of days before, during, and after pay-period. Sometimes I don’t mind too much, just because the quality of their food is up to par and is way cheaper than Wal-Mart or any of the other local grocery stores. Although I must say -- some of the cashiers are just way too lazy to punch in the numbers for legit coupon that were printed from the Commissary online website, while others take the time to do so (THANK YOU!). Like really? My purpose of buying those items was because, one -- I wanted it – second it was on sale, and thirdly, I had a coupon. So why not take the little effort that is needed to accommodate customers? Now on to BACH – been reading a bunch of complaints about them! I must say BACH has gone through some renovations, and yes, it is true – you seldom see the same doctor twice. However, if I am particularly comfortable with a certain doctor, I make it my duty when scheduling my next appointment, that he/she is available. There is an Urgent Care Clinic inside of BACH that is now available and it beats sitting in the ER room. It’s pretty quick on certain days or nights and the best part is -- if you go on a Sunday, (and since the Pharmacy is closed) they get your meds for you right there and then. Next the Pharmacy – the only three that I am aware of is – the Town Pharmacy, BACH, and LaPointe. The Town Pharmacy is always busy and they move pretty fast – depending on the time of day (try going first thing in the morning or right before they close), do AVOID lunchtime hours, that is when most people try to pick up their meds. The Pharmacy inside BACH is ALWAYS busy - you can literally take a decent nap and your number still will not be called, I just try to avoid them all together, just because it is overcrowded, small, and congested and you cannot catch a cell signal. LaPointe is pretty much the quickest, but I believe you would have to been seen at one of the LaPointe sub clinics. The PX is decent – don’t shop there much unless it’s for big ticket items (NO SALES TAX); the Food Court was just recently renovated and it pretty much stays clean; I think the fast food on Post is good, with the exception of Subways, Pizza Hut and the Gyro Place – those are all better off Post – but that’s my opinion. New housing has and is still being developed and I pretty much think it is worth the monthly BAH, because electric and water is included. If you go over the recommended usage, you pay what the overage is - and I believe if you stay under – you will be reimbursed. Trust me when I say it – I live off Post and my monthly electric is close to $180 for the colder months and around $160 during the hotter months (more space to heat/cool) and that’s also having to pay for rent, water, personal utilities, food and other bills. In addition, a new Youth Center is still in the works and is located on Bastogne between Gate 1 and 2. I am in the FRG and I will assure you -- there are so many events and programs for families, with or without kids at Fort Campbell, and sometimes I wished I had a younger child (LOL). AND Yes! I have heard about the trifling skoes (skanky whores – something my son made up years ago LOL) on Post from acquaintances that live on Post – but as I like to say … “It’s entirely in your control who you affiliate yourself with.” From my perspective, most of these trifling skoes (be it male or female) are actual soldiers! What pisses me off is people like that do not have any regard for the lives they are messing up. I believe for every action there is a reaction and for every reaction, there is a consequence! One of my good friends husband just cheated on her with another soldier (and yes these soldiers know each other are married); a female soldier in my husband’s Unit is so desperately seeking anything that she constantly texts another soldier all hours of the night – and yes she knows he’s married! I told my girlfriend – nip that sh*t in the a** real quick before it gets outta hand, cause I sure the hell did! Another female soldier cheated on her husband during her last deployment -- came home and cheated on the soldier she was cheating with - with another soldier! GO FIGURE! She would call/text my husband or mainly “married” soldiers in the Unit because she needed something or the other fixed. Of course, my husband not being one to be taken advantage of or want unnecessary conflicts in our marriage – made sure he put an end to all that. He knows I am not one to tolerate crap nor am I going to stand by and watch it happen. OH HELL NO!!!! Coming from NYC to TN was a big environment and culture shock. There is a huge difference between the city life and the life we have in TN. Everything is way cheaper (that’s because the cost of living is a lot less); people are not uptight, nasty and rude and even if you do run into one or two – be it kids or adults, the majority of smiling, helpful, polite, friendly and the courteousness of people overweighs the mean ones. The schools are waaaaaaaay better – and I am talking about public schools! The teachers actually give a damn; classrooms are not overcrowded and honestly – compared to NYC, you do not hear these kids cussing and acting the fool in public! (THAT I LIKE!!!) So people – stop giving Fort Campbell a bad rap! It is NOT fort Campbell itself; it is some of bad apples in the baskets that spoil it for the rest of us! Basically, wherever we go, whether we are military or civilians, we are going to find all sorts of things to complain about! Life is how and what we make it – it is our perception and how we perceive things that make things either better or worse. What it comes down to is how well do you know your spouse; nipping bad situations in the a** before it gets out of control and picking and choosing your friends; getting involved in your community; researching your resources, events and programs available and most of all STAY POSITIVE AND BUSY!

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