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Tell others what you like about the bases where you've lived. Where are the best places to live? What are some of the things to do there? How is the weather? Are the people friendly? How are the schools? Is there affordable housing off-base? Give other families information that will help them decide where they can move next!

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stop being dramatic!

ft. benning

Ft. Benning. Ft. Benning ft. Benning. The housing in custer are ok. I actually like the housing. What makes ft. Ben.. Awesome are the people. Ofcourse everyone isnt nice and friendly right? Wrong.. In ft. Benning if u speak they speak back. They have housin office which includes a gym,gameroom wit computers, big beautiful pool area seperate is water splashing section for kids. They give snacks away on friday. . And the bayonet is always fulll of activites. So if anyone say that it sucks its probably cause they suck and dont like close people to their house cause the houses are very close. P.s off pose is not all that but hey get some friends and be safe and enjoy your self over each other houses. Be friendly if u want friends. And you will aleays meet new people and babies are always at the office for ur kids to play with if u want them too. So I say meet people if they seem ok have little invites over ur house and they will do the same. Its what u make it... Fix ur house up to make it fit u..... U dont have to keep it plain jane. Good luck!

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