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Bolling AFB Housing

Bolling AFB

If you can any how possibly live off base do so!! The housing company is horrible & the most unprofessional company I have EVER dealt with. I just moved out early Jan 2013 & they charged me bogus charges. Of the 529 $ in charges maybe 100 $ was reasonable. They charged me 20 $ to wipe off a stove, 20 $ to wipe out the fridge, attempted to charge me 100 $ for keys that I was never issued therefore I had them pull out my lease to prove them that was wrong. They claimed there was a dog urine smell at the top of the first floor stairs which is 100% not true, my dog was potty trained in our previous house and IF he ever had an accident he went to our sons room on the third floor & we always shampooed after him. He's a 10 lbs Chihuahua so there's no way for a urine smell that strong! We were being all packed up on a Tuesday & our inspection was on a Wednesday and my husband vacuumed the entire house after the movers were out & they packed the vacuum last. We slept on the floor that night but did not eat in the house or travel in & out very much & they charged us 200 $ for a half a house cleaning (IF that was the case why was I charged for the stove & fridge as well?) They told us there was "lint" on the stairs. LINT!? 200 $ FOR LINT!? For that I will NEVER live on base housing that is contracted out again! They just want every penny they can get out of you! The area is very nice and there is plenty to do. Now I have a 1 year old therefore I'm not too sure on youth activities but as a young adult there is a country bar called Nicks its about 20 minutes from base that does line dancing & two stepping that always has a huge crowd! Alexandria has a Wal-Mart & Target & plenty of chain restaurants. The area is a blessing and definitely go exploring & make sure to take a trip to Arlington National Cemetery. Its a beautiful place to visit & such a high place of honor. I worked there for 3 years in the Air Force Honor Guard. To Honor With Dignity!

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