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Who can we trust ?

Eglin AFB, FL

That was the question asked by my 10 year old daughter. Eleven days ago, while shopping at the local Wal-Mart, my two daughters (10 and 6)purchased a flag for our car with their chore money. They wanted to "show how much we love America with all the bad things going on." And, since we have been flying our flags daily, they wanted one on our car also. I was very happy about this gift for our family. And, needless to say, they were very proud of their purchase. Now, after only 11 days, they went to bed crying. Why? Because someone stole the flag right off the window of our car. They questioned me about the fact that this base has all kinds of security, all kinds of SPs all over the place, and they wanted to know how some terrorist could sneak onto the base and steal our flag... the flag that they worked so hard for, the flag that they were so proud of. I had the unfortunate job of explaining to them that it was not a terrorist but someone in the military community who stole the flag. I had to explain that even amongst the people who defend our country, our freedom, and our homes, there are still low-life thieves. Am I proud of Eglin AFB ? I am proud of the base, even though we are not in the Air Force. But, I am truly ashamed of the people who live here. It was a sad day for my children having to learn that the people who protect them, also steal from them.

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