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Title: Healing  
By: Charles Lefevre  

My story is about my Dad he was in the hospital in Conway SC and we live here in Winston-Salem NC he had a big lump in his stomach and could not sleep because of the discomfort or even eat much at all the Doctors dident know what to make of it they took X-Rays but couldent make out what it was so they decided to operate. The evening before he was to be operated on, I dident get a chance to talk to him by phone or my mom either, my wife and I went to our church bible study that Wednesday night and we prayed he would be healed and not need the operation. So we went home and the next day and around 11 AM my Dad called and he told us that around 9 the night before he fell into a sleep like he hasent had in weeks and woke up feeling just wonderful he told his doctor that the lump felt like it was gone and the doctor said he would X-Ray before they operated and you guessed it the lump was gone from his stomach and they sent him home the very next day. I just wanted to share this with you as the Lord has been good to me and my family. Charles

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