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Title: Following DAD'S Footsteps  
By: Darla  
exwife of a Marine retired

Following DAD'S footsteps: My ex retired from the Corps in 1989 with 21 yrs of active duty. Many times I would see him off on those 6 months deployments and keep the home fires burning with my son and my daughter. My son kept telling me I am going to grow up and be just like my daddy. In my heart I kept thinking "oh no please dont Joey". Well Joey grew up to be a fine young man. When he was a junior in high school the recruiters started to call and I asked them not to call till he was sure of what he wanted to do. I knew from being on recruiting duty with my ex how recruiters would call the high school list to get possible people to enlist. Joey went into his senior year and in January of that year he turned 18 and went down to the Recruiting Office and enlisted. He tested and passed his entrance exam test. In 2002, he went through Marine Corps Boot Camp at Parris Island, South Carolina.( We were stationed close there for 8 yrs) My son was born in the Naval Hospital there and I worked on the base there. So all this was like a dajavu. My son took the title as his dad once had done, the title of a US Marine. Now my son is carrying on the tradition that his father had once done. He is stationed in Yuma, Arizona and is married to a really good wife. She is learning the ways of being a military wife. I am proud of her for all that she has done for my son since he has been in Iraq since September. We have put our faith and trust in the Lord and patiently wait for our son and her husband to return from Iraq. Psalms 91 says alot and I know that all this is answered prayers and I give God all the Praise , Honor, and Glory for all that he has done and will continue to do.

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