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Title: Dear Soldier  
By: Trisha  
Ft. Benning

The NJHS (Nat'n Junior Honor Society) at my daughters' school is collecting new/used videos, popcorn, new/used books, and candy to send to soldiers who are wounded and in overseas hospitals. They were asked to write a letter that would be included in the packages. This is the letter my daughter wrote. I am very proud of her. Trish Dear Soldier, I'm writing to you with the utmost respect and heartfelt thanks. You are doing something remarkably brave for our country and the futures of everyone residing in it. At times you may feel you can't take another step or you doní t want to live this lifestyle of fighting and moving all over anymore, but thatís when you push onward and continue with the march to victory. I can understand and have empathy for your situation as I am the daughter of an active duty Army Lieutenant, and I, too, become discouraged. When I become distressed, I remember what you, my father, and the soldiers like you are doing for everyone in such a selfless manner. I realize that you are putting your life on the lines and fighting to help me, and so many others who are still looking at Ďwhat they want to be when they grow up,í to give us the freedom we were born with and sometimes take for granted. You are an inspiration to millions of American citizens, as you are one who has answered the call of our great nation in a time of trouble. You were brave enough to go out and fight for one of the greatest privileges this world has to offer, and you still havenít given up, and because of this you have my gratitude and my utmost respect. The thoughts and well wishes of many are with you in your time of need. You are a soldier, and I hope you can regain the strength thatís been lost and put it toward another day, another thought, another goal, and the courage to continue on. You have given of yourself and you are truly a hero because of that. Sincerely, Santina Chamberlain Faith Middle School Ft. Benning, GA February 16, 2005)

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