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Tell others what you like about the bases where you've lived. Where are the best places to live? What are some of the things to do there? How is the weather? Are the people friendly? How are the schools? Is there affordable housing off-base? Give other families information that will help them decide where they can move next!

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NAS Pensacola

NAS Pensacola

My husband is in the Army, so obviously we are not stationed at NAS Pensacola. I am from Pensacola and have read some very bad reviews about it. I figured I could help give an honest evaluation. I love Pensacola, but if you are not from here you will probably hate it. It is very very hot and humid during the summer. We hardly have a winter. The base is located on the west side of town which isnt the best side to be on. You would probably be happier living in the east side of town, closer to the mall. Scenic highway area is the best. Thats where I lived. Great schools on that side of town. Its about a 20-30 minute drive to the base, but worth it. There is a little grocery store on Scenic Highway called Apple Market that is a great place to shop. The base itself is old and small. There is nothing to do on base at all, and there isnt really nice on base housing. There isnt a lot to do in Pensacola, but we have the most beautiful beach you will find. There are a lot of little festivals that go on during the summer. I suggest going to Big Kahunas water park in Destin. About an hour drive. The Navy Exchange is small, but not awful. Our mall is also small but thete is plenty of shopping. You can also go to the outlet malls in Foley, AL, about an hour drive as well. If you are looking for some good places to eat, I suggest: La Hacienda Mexican, Dharma Blue downtown, Peg Leg Petes on the beach, McGuires Irish Pub downtown, and Apple Market deli. If you need a good daycare or church I suggest Marcus Pointe Baptist on W Street. Thats where my son went. So Pensacola will probably seem boring if you arent from here. Its so hot and we have mosquitos. And hurricanes. But if you just have a positive attitude you will see its charm. Most people are really nice here. You just need to be on the right side of town and you will hsve a completely different experience.

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