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Title: Is no easy...  
By: Zaida  
Ft. Carson,Co

I just want to tell all the wives in the military life that I know is no easy to be a military wife but sometimes a little kiss, a hug or just to be with the loving one reward all that. I married to my husband 7 years ago. When we married on Saturday he went the next day to Bosnia for 1 year. After that we move to Ft. Drum, N.Y. and that was no easy to me because I leave all my friends, my career and no English for me; and to tell the true I hate that place but life goes on... With the help of my husband and work in the AAFES I learn a lot of English. He was a recluter too; the worst work in the Army if you have children and want pass time with your husband. Last year he went to Korea and I stay in P.R. and over there I lost my father... Now I'm in Ft. Carson, CO trying to enjoy the life in here with my husband and son and 7 more years to retired. But if somebody give the choice I would marry my husband again and make the same decisions because with mistakes we learn a lot... So always keep the faith and be the best.

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