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Title: A Military Wife  
By: Nicole Theiss  
Fort Campbell, KY

This is a poem I have published on , and I just wanted to share it with you all. God bless all of you! A Military Wife Dedicated to those left behind while our husbands are deployed. Many people ask me, How can you live this life? The only answer I can give, is I am a soldier's wife. I have no choice as to where I go, I just follow where we're sent. Everywhere we go is home, Our love is our cement. When you think about the soldiers, Putting themselves in harms way, Think of the families left behind, And kneel with them and pray. I am a soldier's wife today, And forever more will be. I choose this life because I know, God made it just for me. Nicole Lynn Theiss Copyright 2003 Nicole Lynn Theiss

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