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Title: Loosing a Best Friend  
By: christina Dartez  

My husband and I met back in Sept of 96 after years of trying to find Mr Right. It finally happened without a second thought. We were so Happy. We had many Great times and decided it was time to start a family. So I got pregnant and by the 4th month had lost it. Then about a year later I was pregnant and due to complications and an infection I lost my little girl at almost 6 months We named her Alicia. They had found a laceration on my cervix from the first D & c that was performed when I lost my first baby. So surgery was done to repair it and another year later I was pregnant with my son. Doctors had a close eye on me and I delivered a Healthy boy March 2,00. It was a miracle. God's gift. When my son was 8 months we found out that my husband had colon cancer and it was such a shock to all of our Friends and family. He went through so much and was such a strong person. After almost a year of Chemo and radiationhe lost the battle and he had passed away. He will always be an inspiration. Someone who left behind a very special gift A little boy who resembles him so much. He will always be remembered as a Strong, kind and very intelligent man. Who had alot to give the world. He made an impression on anyone who he made contact with. He made me such a strong person after all we have been through. He will be sadly missed forever but his mark on the world will always remain. "He is a true Angel"

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