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Title: Take time to say...Thank You  
By: Mary Greeley  

How does one ever pay tribute To a soldier who has paid the cost The one who was fighting so bravely Whose family now struggles with the loss How do we ever express our feelings Of the sorrow felt so deep inside When each time we hear of a soldier dying We all seem to take it all in stride We hear news each day of one dying We watch the news each evening and think And we discuss our own views and opinions As we wash the dishes while standing at the sink But have any of us ever taken a minute To just stop and for a moment or two Bow our heads and say a short prayer Please God help them in what they have to do. They have been our nations heroís They are the brave, the strong and the best And we all know that with Godís help They will be able to withstand the test But what happens when someone is taken When a name we know and a face appears Do we stop and gasp and remember All the joys of knowing that person through the years Do we take time to send a note to the family Do we think of the price that they have paid Do we take a moment to say thank you For the many lives this person just saved Why does dying in a war make you a hero What about the others who were there by their side Donít they also deserve our prayers and respect For not wanting to run away and hide Many will come home with the memories Others will be missing their limbs as well And all of them will have war stories Of what it is like in a war Ö it is hell Will we take time to listen when they come home Will we be in a rush to get going on our way Will we all just say hey welcome home friend And then quickly get on with our day There are many who have served this country So many who you will pass on the street Have you ever bothered to say thank you To the ones you may be privileged to meet Our nation is full of so many wartime heroesí And as time ticks by, slowly they pass away So take time to say a thank you to a hero When you see them on Memorial Day Yes all wars have given us heroes Some are alive, and yet so many are now lost To them we owe our true heartfelt thanks For some of them paying the ultimate cost And say a prayer for all who are still serving Ask for God to guide them along the way Because I am sure on the news tomorrow morning We will learn of another who has been taken away Written by Mary Greeley 5/7/04

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