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Title: My Husband, My Best Friend  
By: Kathie Montooth  
Ft. Benning

my story begins when my husband came into the army almost. We have had so many good and bad things that have happened to us but we have taken each event and tried to make a positive of it. My husband is so important to me that one day 3 years ago while he was deployed my daughter and myself were electrocuted and really had no contact with my unit. He did not know where we were or how we were so he started trying to contact my mom. After finding out we were in intensive care, he started trying to arrange to come home he was unable to even though he had a red cross message becuase of his job. Well all was not lost he made contact with the rear d and notified them of my situation and they were awesome they furnished meals they were willing to watch my daughter while my son went to appointments with me. I know that alot of you say any husband would have done that...which is true but it just proved that My husband is My best friend and we are always thinking of how to help each other. We have been married 20 years and have 3 children 20,16,7. Because of the way my husband has care d and nutured us my boys have followed in his foots steps. i just wanted to say thank you to my spouse and to say the units frg works really well. I have been blessed.

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