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Title: Civilians really do care! Excellent heart-warming story!  
By: Shannon  
Fort Carson

Now, this is definitely a story all should hear... My husband had just gotten back from Iraq. We went to go eat at a restaurant one day. Well, this nice group of people saw my husband in his uniform, (it was the DCU's). So, they came up to us and shook his and mine hand and thanked us for all we've done. That wasn't all they had in mind to show us their appreciation... while we were eating, our waitress comes up to us and tells us, "those people over there, they're taking your tab!" Of course, it was those people who shook our hands. We were so pleasantly surprised and it touched our hearts so much, we just wanted to cry. So, people really do care about us, and we are living proof of that. (The bill was not cheap either.) :)

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