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Title: He did it!  
By: jan  
fort rucker

My dad, a post Korean war vet always told me that if you work hard at everything you do, recognition will surely be yours! Well when he turned 75, after years of struggle, and setbacks, he was recognized as a publisher! What a great birthday gift, an author, and his story is that of a woman, who makes it no matter what. The story line takes place in the wild west, and ladies with a woman as our hero, who could not love it? Her name is muli and you will simply fall in love with her courage, and disapline! She is encouraing, and forthright. She is a let em have it type of gal, ride along with her on her journeys. The bok is called "MULI" AND CAN BE BOUGHT THROUGH ME, OR MY DAD. AT THE ADDRESS BELOW: JAZZIN92@AOL.COM. Help a vet reach his dream

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