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Title: Hurricane Rita  
By: JoAnn Wooley  
FtPolk, La

On Sept 23, 2005 hurricane Rita was going twords the West. Something told me it was turning more to the north and to get ready.My husband wouldnt evacuate so my daughter, grandson and I got into the master closet, I was so scared and I prayed like I have never prayed before that my family would be ok, God must have heard me because NO one got hurt, even tho all the trees in our yard was down, very large oak tree was laid beside the new shed, the other one on the east side just scraped down the side of our house. Everyone says that we were very lucky that none fell on us, luck? I dont think so, I think it was Gods hand. I could hear the shingles ripple and the house lifting off the foundation.We were without power for 10 days, Sunday Oct 2 I had to go to the er locally because I couldnt urinate, there I met a man from our local electric co and he told me we would have electricity Oct 3. We did!! Again, luck, no, Gods hand.I owe everything to Him.

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