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Title: Do you Believe?  
By: patti  
ft. knox

My mom passed in 1991 but about two weeks before she passed my sisters and i were debating on whether to go in at the 1 a.m. visit, we had been spending day and night at the hospital. I had a strong urge to go in for the visit but my sisters said we would just let mom rest. I decided i was going and didnt listen to there decisions not to. When i went into moms room the lights were dimmed and mom was laying there awake, she was on a respirator and couldnt speak but she would write in our hands with her finger of what she wanted to say. Mom started writing in my hand the Jesus was there with her and at that moment my oldest sister came in the room and i told her what mom had wrote in my hand. Mom started writing in my oldest sisters hand what she had wrote in mind and my sister just held mom's hand. Mom turned to me and starting writing again that Jesus was with her and i told her that Jesus was with her and He always would be. At that very moment all the lights in the room and the machines mom was on started going wild, lights flickering off and on, it stopped and started again. i told my sister i was going to go find out what was going on and left the room. i guess you can say freaked out, saying the Jesus had come to get mom. Later the nurses said that happen all the time in that room but we had been there for about 2 weeks and nothing like that had happen. My oldest sister later said that she looked at mom while this was going on and she was smiling. She(my mom) later ask to see my dad, whom she had been divorced from for yrs. Her and daddy looked at eachother like they forgave all the yrs. of bitterness and pain. Mom died about 2 weeks later but i beieve she was being told she needed to let go and forgive all the pain her and dad put eachother through and she then went home to Glory in peace. Dad died in 2004. I hope they are spending eternity together, for i dont know what dad did before he passed but he had always said he would have his last breath to trust the Lord. I hope he did and hope it wasnt to late for him or anyone. My last words and hopes are that whoever reads this is that you wont wait till your last breath or its too late to trust in Christ to save your soul but you will except his salvation and spend eternity with all His children in Glory. God bless you.

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